Be Apptentive

I was spending my sunny Sunday evening with a cold Coke on the side, going through our blog (entre528) to see what our friends came out with analytics section.  While I was fascinated by the choices available, I was trying to choose best one by my own search.

I heard some fight broke between my two younger daughters while there playing on the lawn with Sprinkler ON.  Each one was complaining about other for a small issue I did not know.  It was a regular experience and I chose to remain silent until I heard one of them yelled “You should have told me that…”.  That was my moment and I started thinking about predictive analytics for Social Media.  I immediately gave them some sugar treats to divert their attention and came back to web.   I remembered Andy saying in the class about a tool which would predict the trend of most tweeted words in coming days.  As always, I did not find what I needed from my notes.

While searching for the notes, I came across the presentation for Apptentive in our VC class.  This is sort of proactive (not predictive) analytics where you influence customer sentiments (aka posts / tweets) online favorable to your brand.  Hmmm interesting – I wanted to know more about how they do it to solve my VC case as well Social media write-up.

Call it as Proactive reach or mobile CRM, this platform (api?) will give you the analytics on how many customers had problems with the application on particular step and work with customers proactively.  This will not only enable the app owner to fix the problem in the app or help the customer to configure correctly.

Once the customer gave negative comments in the Appstore, the app owner should live with the post, even though he fixed the problem reactively to the customer.  Apptentive puts the App owner in the driving seat by alerting possible issues upfront.

The impressive lists of companies benefited from Apptentive include Yahoo!, Urbanspoon and

The most fascinating thing about this space, there are many competitors out there in the market place.

  • Appboy
  • Mixpanel
  • Localytics
  • Appoxee
  • Urban Airship

The differentiation may be part of the analytics support by each tool to the app owners.

Current statistics (results) show the boost in the AppStore ratings after using the product. Apptentive claims that Urbanspoon improved customer rating from 3.5 to 4.5 after using Apptentive SDK.

So – all of the app developers who are interested in knowing how their product is received in the market and sentiment, please be apptentive.  This will make you stand apart from those who use descriptive analytics (rear view mirror) because you used proactive relationship management (Windshield mirror).

Good luck with your next app!


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  1. Santhana, thanks for the kind commentary. You’re right, we really like being proactive and are helping our customers be more proactive in their communications with their end consumers. It’s really powerful to take back control over the relationships and help people get solutions to their problems.

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