Viralheat: Social Media Analytics Tool or Cheesy 70’s Movie?

Coming hot off the heels of SproutSocial, I thought I would take a look at a different social media analytics tool.  And, after looking around on Google for a while, I settled on Viralheat.  I think I was drawn to it because the name brought to mind images of a cheesy 70’s movie, a la Caged Heat.

Viralheat allows you to combine up to 30 accounts, do cross profile searching and analytics, and also sentiment trending.  It is a fairly sophisticated analytics tool, perhaps too sophisticated for a neophyte such as myself.  In the end, I found it to be not very intuitive, and difficult to use.  Another issue seemed to be that everything I wanted to do required an upgrade from the free version to the pro version, then once I did that, I needed to upgrade to the premium version.  If they had just said that you have to have the premium version to do anything of significance, I would not have found the process to be so arduous.

Overall, I find SproutSocial to be much more intuitive, easy to use, and a more robust tool than ViralHeat.


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