Twitonomy: Twitter #analytics and much more…

logo_300x105I think I have found an analytics page. One that is simple to use and I don’t need to sell my 3rd child to get. The process is simple. Just input your twitter account and allow Twitonomy access to the account and in less than a minute you can find out all relevant information that one would need all on one page. The top of the page has tweet history such as tweets per day, user mentions, links, replies, and hashtags. Followed by your tweet history displayed in a chart. What impressed me the most about twitonomy was the “Users” section where I could go and find out who my more popular users are by listing: users most retweeted, users most replied to, users most mentioned, and #hashtags most used. Oh and did I mention this is listed along with a colorful pie chart! Further information showed activity per day, per hour, and platforms most tweeted from. All information easily displayed so that I can visually see where my tweets are going and to whom. I initially analyzed simplymeasured which provided a great display of high level information such as keywords, followers by time zones, followers by # of followers (yea I had to think about that one too…), users by # of followers, and user by total tweets. Like I said all high level, nothing to gain you insight into getting to the details of users and the demographic of your user base. Twitonomy also allowed me to visually see on a map where all my followers were located so that I could further gain insight into what areas of the country and the world my messages were getting to and where I needed to focus more. Twitonomy did require a paid monthly or one-time subscription to be able to obtain more information. Definitely worth a try.


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