Social Mention like Google Alerts, but for Social Media

With so many media sources bringing information at the speed of a keystroke to your attention, how do you keep control of all conversations happening around your subject of interest? Here is one simple and free way of doing that: Social Mention. It monitors more than 100 media sources such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, FriendFeed etc. Use it like a search engine except it will deliver you most current information from the main media sources in digested and even quantitative format. Unlike Google Alerts, Social Mention provides a sentiment analysis, hashtags, and trending keywords in exportable format. It also can be set up to send you e-mail alerts on a keyword that you like to monitor throughout the entire media or just selected sources.

I decided to test this tool by looking for any information recently mentioned in social media on the cancer drug  Adcetris developed by a local Seattle biotech company. When I entered the keyword into the search box, I could explore the following options: search All or by clicking at the link below the box, I can select particular media sources.


After pushing the Search button, the tool works approximately ten times longer than Google but the results are more than just a list of references. In the upper-left corner, the results show a score for strength, sentiment, passion and reach.


Strength is the likelihood that your brand is being discussed in social media. A very simple calculation is used: phrase mentions within the last 24 hours divided by total possible mentions.

Sentiment is the ratio of mentions that are generally positive to those that are generally negative.

Passion is a measure of the likelihood that individuals talking about your brand will do so repeatedly. For example, if you have a small group of very passionate advocates who talk about your products or brand all the time you will have a higher Passion score. Conversely if every mention is written by a different author you will have a lower score. Most frequently used keywords and number of times mentioned. Number of mentions by sentiment.

Reach is a measure of the range of influence. It is the number of unique authors referencing your brand divided by the total number of mentions.

The first hit from Twitter two days ago links to a Facebook photo of a woman who just finished an annual chemotherapy course with Adcertis, with very supportive and inspirational comments under the photo.


The Social Mention search results show more detail on sources and some statistics, and these are live links: By clicking on the sources, the search results get filtered by the keywords, users or by the source. For example, by clicking on YouTube link, the result show only YouTube videos related to Adcertis.

I found this tool fun, simple and useful. Please try it and you will like it too!


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