Sitetrail – high level analysis for website and social media

SiteTrail gives you a wealth of analytical information ranging from social media analysis, SEO analysis, Visitor analysis, Traffic analysis, Revenue analysis, content analysis . Major  companies may  already have this information. However,  SiteTrail will be useful for getting information about their competitors.for e.g in less than 3 min I was able to compile the below high level  information about vs

Social Media score



SEO Score



Unique visitors



Traffic Rank



Ad revenue potential

125 M USD

41.6 M USD

Site worth

224 M USD

75 M USD

The social media analysis section provides very detailed information about  the reach.


The site also analyses visitors and  provides heat maps based on visitors  geographic location.It also tells how many times a visitor comes back to the site.

Another Useful information is the keyword density on the home page. This gives you a sense of what the competitor is focusing on. A  sample comparison for and is provided below

Home Page Keyword Density

Games- 1.5%


Books – 1.5%

electronics – 0.97%


generation apple ipod – 0.85%

cloud player – 0.5%


amazon prime-0.5%

apple ipod touch-0.85%

instant videos- 0.5%

sporting goods-.85%

So my take is,  if you want to provide some high level social media and  competitor website analysis information, then is a tool you should check out.


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