Leverage your Social with PageLever



PageLever goes beyond the basics provided by FaceBook Insights providing hundreds of useful metrics in a clear graphical format. This example shows a breakdown done by age group which can reveal the make up of your current audience and guide your efforts in targeting the right groups in your campaign.

Time Comparisons

PageLeverTimelineAny metric can be compared over the span of any time period. Since PageLever links to FaceBook’s API historical data is already available for use without requiring a download. The timeline comparison allows you to analyze the effectiveness of a campaign by comparing a control time period with that of your social campaign. Differences can be displayed in relationship to the control period.



Do you have a social media crisis brewing, and you haven’t checked your sites in hours?  Is there a buzz happening around your product that you are not aware of yet? For better or worse, you need to know when certain indicators are on the move.   PageLever can monitor key performance indicators in real time, sending you alerts when they cross pre-set boundaries.  That way you can resolve little problems while they are still little.  And fan the fire of opportunities while they are hot.

PageLever also allows the creation of custom dashboards for any department or person’s need. That way KPI’s relevant to that depart are always front and center for real time response.


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