Hootsuite Analytics

After hearing and reading about Hootsuite in class, I wanted to try out Hootsuite for the third assignment. It could also be that my free trial with SocialBro had expired. Regardless, Hootsuite turned out to be a better tool to measure a company’s social effectiveness when compared to Social Bro and an “almost” one-stop tool for analytics. I was able to integrate the three prongs of our team’s social strategy into Hootsuite – Facebook, WordPress blog and Twitter account.
Hootsuite - Fido 1
The analytics tool only measured the Facebook and twitter feeds. While Hootsuite connected to the blog, the analytics tool did not show basic blog stats which were only available through the WordPress account. Hootsuite Analytics tool only measures Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts. While the tool is easy to use and has pretty basic reporting available (in the free version), it will need to be complemented by other analytics tools to get a comprehensive picture. Hootsuite allows you to create a custom report when you upgrade to the pro version, but you only get 1 report per month with the pro version. Any additional custom report cost almost $50 making it an expensive proposition. Overall, I was not impressed with Hootsuite’s analytics capabilities.


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