Gremln: HootSuite with a hint of business.

By: Ayman Kaheel


On the surface, both Gremln is very similar to HootSuite. However, Gremln is very focused on small businesses. Gremlin offers a number of features that are not offered by HootSuite, which are mostly targeted to small business, such as Goals Tracking, translation, and Blog search engine.  In addition to these features, Gremln, offers a wider pricing options for small business as well as possibility for white labeling.

The dashboard looks almost exactly the same as that of HootSuite:


I found the Goals Tracking feature very interesting. It allows you to set goals for each of your different social networks. For example, you can set up a goal to increase your Twitter followers, then track how you are doing with respect to the goal.


Another interesting feature that Gremln has is Target Pages. It’s basically a feature designed to allow manager measure their ROI (in financial terms) on social media campaigns. Here is how it works; let’s say that once a user completes a purchase on your site, you display a page saying “Your purchase was completed”, this page corresponds to increase in your revenue. Gremln’s Target Pages tool gives you a little code snippet that you drop in your web page that can be used for tracking purposes. From that point on, Gremln will track every time a user clicks on your social media post and continues until he lands at the target page. This way you know how many people made a purchase on your site because of a particular social media message. This is the ultimate way in measuring the success of your social media campaign!



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