Geeks vs Nerds: Sitetrail helps decide who is the winner

In this post our friend CAPUCCINODAY introduced SiteTrail to us.

SiteTrail is a fairly cool tool that allows you to analyze traffic pattern of any website. This can be a powerful tool to size up the competition. I read about SiteTrail in other channels as well. I was curious to give it a try.

What better way to try the tool than to use it to size up GeekHealth‘s competition. So I Bing searched the fitness blogs for Nerds and one of the top fitness blog for Nerds is (you guessed it)

SiteTrail makes analyzing the website of your choice easy. Just enter the web address in their search and you get a cool analytics report for the website complete with traffic numbers, engagement numbers (unique and returning users), demographics information etc.

Here is a sample report for

No prices for guessing who won. NerdFitenss has been around for a while and is doing well. Here is the comparison.

Nerds: 6000 visitors per month
Geeks: 200 visitors per month

So this round goes to the Nerds. Using SiteTrail helped me realize GeekHealth has room to grow. More importantly it validated our belief that there is a market and audience for the content and cause we are working on.



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2 responses to “Geeks vs Nerds: Sitetrail helps decide who is the winner

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