Facebook Insights


Facebook Insights gives a surprisingly detailed look at your page fan demographics.

From here I can see that males ages 25-34 make up most of our fans. I’m thinking this might have something to do with how 80% of the TMMBA falls into this category… The massive spike in likes is from when we experimented with purchasing 500 likes for $15. As you’ll see later, this strategy did almost nothing to help our campaign.



This view shows that while males make up most of our likes, it’s actually women who are more engaged users. Also interesting is how the most active age categories are younger and older women, but not middle-aged. Maybe a targeted ad campaign to women would be a good idea in our future?



Looking at the people we have reached through promoted posts, it’s clear we might not be targeting the right people. Where are all those age 55-64 women that comment so much?pf_reach2


Our most “viral” posts are listed in detail, which is pretty cool. On the bottom we have one post which we spent a few bucks promoting, but it actually is one of our least viral posts since lots of people saw it but didn’t interact. As more posts are promoted, I can imagine this view would be very useful in determining which campaigns were most effective.pf_posts


Here is where you can really see the failed like purchasing scheme we went for. As the page came into existence, we had a ton of likes but this dropped dramatically after a week. Our total likes are down 65%! On April 21, we really started to gain true traction as we shifted towards promoting our contest and spending more time engaging directly with fans.pf_reach



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