Facebook Campaigns and Ads Manager

The social media analytics tool that I am writing about is the Campaigns and Ads manager built right into Facebook. I found this built in tool easy to use and able to give good insights into any ads spend on Facebook.

My team, Plastic Free Seattle, initiated two ads, $5 on 4/8 to promote our overall page, and $25 on 4/25 to promote a bottle give-a-way contest.

I found the ads analytics tool to be flexible in that it allows scheduled reporting (can subscribe via email) and export via .csv that I can use to perform other analysis. For basic usage, the built in dashboard provided sufficient information.

First, the campaign and ads overview, gives a high level summary of each campaign:


Driving down gives an informative graph:


The information here is quite useful in determining the effectiveness of this ad, and gives a concrete value for our customer acquisition cost, as measured in Likes. The reach for this ad was impressive, at over 1600, but equally disappointing was that we were only able to receive 1 like. The tool presents this information very clearly – we spent $3.78 for just 1 like, which indicates the engagement ability of our ad needed work. Taking that as a lesson, our second ad was comparatively more successful:


Additional details can be obtained by clicking on the link:


As can be seen by this report, this ad was much more effective. It didn’t have much more ad reach, but the engagement levels were many folds higher. The Total Action break down was especially helpful. Among user actions, we were able to see our photo views were the highest, next to post likes. This allowed us to determine that photos are a better way engage users than just a straight post (compared to our $4 ad).

The overall graph was also useful in highlighting that the impact of an ad is highest at the beginning and will slope down over time. Using this info, other promotions and ads can be timed, such that high engagement is maintained on the site.

Overall, I think this tool worked very well.


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