Brandify: Take a look at your social media mirror

With so many social media channels available these days, it’s bound to get at least a bit confusing to people who are new to it. Small business owners who are experts in the product they sell, but don’t have any experience with social media and yet needed to gain traction in a cost effective way.

Brandify provides a tool that measures your social media exposure and a list of suggestions to improve your social media standing.


Brandify uses a score that aggregates over 80 data points to reflect the strength of your brand online. It includes factors such as whether you have a Youtube channel, how many twitter followers there are, whether google search of your brand shows anything relevant. Business owners, in particular, can run this check for their brand and get specific recommendations to improve their score.


Their dashboard also provides very useful information about each score change. For example, when my Brandify score went down by three points, it told me exactly what happened. This help a lot of social media novices by taking out the mystery from the mythical social media standing. By using Brandify score that looks surprisingly familiar and similar to consumer credit score, Brandify further lowers the barriers to adopting this tool.

Having said that, that are lots of room for improvements. Brandify only supports the largest social media channels right now, which doesn’t include WordPress, for example. Hopefully the Brandify team fixes this oversight soon. The user interface also feels a bit outdated, unlike its main competitor, Klout.

Brandify  includes a basic analytics package that shows the comparison between your brand and similar brands along the social media channels, but the depth of the reporting and data available is not comparable to Klout,

For now, I will keep using Klout as the better alternative until Brandify shows some more interesting features.


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