Simply measured social media analytic tool can process data from Twitter or Facebook. User can simply enter Facebook page or Twitter user account. The analytic report will be then emailed. It took about 10 minutes to receive report on email in my case . The data is well presented with great use of colors to make the information pop out.


The above is the total engagement graph with details of posts that was most engaging in a defined period. Report will highlight the most engaged posts. The firm could possibly use this information to adjust the contents of information posted to capture wider audience.



The uniqueness of this analytic report was that it provided the most used text graphically from the text of post by administrators and users. Using this information , we can adjust the twitter keywords to attain more interests from followers for the future post contents.

It also provided useful report with a list of top users posted and a list of top user commented so that we can identify the most engaged users.

There is one more unique feature and could be the best feature is the export feature. User can export the raw data into excel sheet with graphs. User can also export graph into PowerPoint to make it easier for user to generate a great looking presentation with colorful chart.

Compared to that I used last time, this analytic tool provides much more meaningful metrics. If given metrics are not enough, the raw data can be generated for more indepth analysis manually outside of this tool. It also provides the top post contents in table format with number likes, comments, shares, clicks, etc. The list can be easily sorted to identify top contents according various parameters.

Overall, I found this tool provides the best analytic reports and raw data for free during trial period.






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