Visible Intelligence – the hub of Enterprise social media platform

Visible is the social monitoring, analytics and engage tool to Enterprise and SMB Markets.  It serves as a social hub that allows team (per user base) to coordinate and share analysis results.   The tool is good for the visit tracking, influencer ranking, keyword search identifying and sentiment analysis.  It could be by dimension (over time, geography, language, channels, social media types (such as blog, forum, twitter, etc.))  Visible also provides the industry comparison.

It is a powerful tool for enterprise for social strategy analysis.   Yet the information is not free ($295 per month per user).

Sentiment Analysis: overtime positive, negative and neural.  User could change the sentiment manually if needed.


Searches Trending: (Can have up to 16 searches combinations results.)


What I like most probably is the Topic Discovery.  It provides the comparison of customer search terms different products and intension.  It could compare the similar search terms from different social channels such as Facebook versus Twitter.  The top down (below two snapshots) result is useful for the campaign designs according to lifecycle.

Overall comparison


Drill down


The tool filters the noisy nicely and provide the first tier analysis. However, with massive data, we still need to apply more specific model to drive the business insights.


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