Visualize your performance of Social activities – Crowdbooster

Crowdbooster is yet another social analysis tool for Facebook Page and Twitter. The tool can show potential Impressions, growth, reach, etc by using available data on both sites, including the number of followers in Twitter and likes in Facebook. The hosting company is a startup in Silicon Valley and funded by Y Combinator.

The result of analysis is very graphical and easy to understand. Especially the concept of potential impression is interesting to me. Below is one of examples. Two of tweets were retweeted by one follower who has more than 12K followers. As a result, the potential impression is calculated as more than 24K.


For Facebook, the tool can track and visualize the impact of each post by counting the the number of likes and who liked.


However, the tool only visualizes data without any suggestions or recommendations about how  to increase the impact of the user. It would be nice to track and monitor the change of potential impact and the current status, but what the service can do is just showing a result.

The minimum price is $9/month. To be honest, unfortunately I could not find enough reasons to pay for this. New features for recommendations about next steps to increase page impact would be good function to have.


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