SiteTrail – Trailing Your Favorite Website!

SiteTrail is a website analysis platform for social media and technology news on the web.  SiteTrail enables its users (“trailers”) to subscribe to or “trail” website specific news content that is categorized by the site’s domain name. This trail feature allows users to easily create an aggregated news stream of only the sites that they find interesting and filter out ones that are unexciting.


There are 7 categories on


All users need to do is 1) pick out the websites that they found interesting. 2) click on the “TrailSite” button next to the sites they wanted to subscribe to. 3) see an aggregated news stream of all the sites they are trailing.

Besides website trailing, SiteTrail also compiles easy to understand reports at no cost. This allows users to see quick snapshots of their favorite (or competitor) websites. For example, if users want to learn about a site’s traffic patterns and how well it ranks on service, they can use SiteTrail Analysis tool for that.



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