Likealyzer – Simple tool to analyze your Facebook page’s performance

Likealyzer is a very simple tool that lets you analyze your Facebook page and identify action items that will help you improve your performance.

Using Likealyzer is simple – Just go to and type in the URL to your Facebook page.


You are immediately presented with stats on how well your page is doing. Your page is graded on a scale of 0 to 100. The higher you get, the better. You are also provided with stats on your page. There is a green tick mark on things that you did well and a red cross on things that are not done well. Clearly, the immediate action item for you will be to address the issues highlighted with red crosses.


Another pretty useful feature with the tool is to be able to view some of the top pages on Facebook. All you need is click on the TopList button on the landing page and it brings you a list of pages that have great scores after being analyzed by the tool. This is a great opportunity for all you social media enthusiasts to check out how some of the top performing pages have managed to get things right.


All in all, optimizing your social media pages is essential to have a successful social presence for your business. Likealyzer is a very handy tool that is both simple and free to use. It is definitely worth using for every business that wants to make its presence felt in the market.


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