So you got hooked on the social media train but do you have time to monitor all of the sites?

As any good marketer can attest, the power of brand equity and customer awareness is critical for the success of a product or service. With the ever increasing amount of social media sites, individual are finding it hard to manage, view and respond to all direct customer feedback  while ensuring the company is delivering a strong return on its social media campaign. One solution to this problem is sprout social, an integrated social media management tool. Sprout Social offers a free 30-day trial for those that prefer to dabble with a product before they shell out the cash. The best part about the offer is that it doesn’t require the submittal of a credit card number before you start. You can find the product at After you sign up for the software, the Sprout Social tutorial shows you how to add in your social media accounts. Once that is completed, Sprout Social will take a few minutes to compile your social analytics data for the sites you have incorporated. It then spits the data out in a clean and easy to manage visual Dashboard.


The main functions of the tool include:

Aggregation of Social media accounts- Sprout Social allows a user to view Facebook newsfeed, Twitter feed, LinkedIn feed and Goggle + accounts in one easy to view screen.  The site allows uses to view all of their social media updated feeds in one location, saving people from the pain of scrolling through multiple sites.

Publishing- Sprout Social allows a user to post directly on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles from the Sprout Social dashboard, saving people the hassle have having to re-post similar message on multiple social media platforms.

Analytics – The analytics dashboard is extremely user friendly and allows an individual to simultaneously view impressions and followers.  This tool can be utilized to evaluate posts and determine what activities on your many sites are bringing you the greatest bang for your buck. Users can also print reports off the site that show demographic details for individual who follow your company’s social accounts. Some of the many reports that sprout social produces include group stats, engagement reports, twitter stats (follower and daily tweets) and Facebook stats (fan and page impression data).


While I think that the overall structure of the product is great, the tool isn’t the “be all end all” to having your accounts on one tool. A major problem I see with the product is that there are very few social media sites that you can link to the tool. The only networks that the product currently supports are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. While I think it’s great that Sprout Social has hit the major social media sites, I’m hoping that the company will diversity its linking capabilities soon. The only other issue I have with the tool is that it will only allow you to add up to 9 different networks to the tool. I’m unsure if this is due to the tools capabilities or if the company thinks that 9 is all a company might need.


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