Sendible – a social media software platform

If you are a marketer who want to read and respond to what people are saying about your products, service or brand across the web, Sendible is a great management tool. With Sendible, you can engage with new and existing customers across multiple platforms, analyze and track your social media and email campaigns, measure the success of the content you share and the like.

Also, if you want to be more proactive, you can monitor what people are saying about your competitors’ products, too. I found out that Sendible is one of the leading social media marketing platforms many agencies use as well.

Here is some of the features that Sendible provides:

  • Ÿ   Manage Multiple Accounts: Manage multiple Facebook, Twitter and Blog accounts.
  • Ÿ   Tracking and Analytics: Track the success of your social media and email campaigns.
  • Ÿ   Brand Monitoring: Read and respond to what people are saying about your brand.
  • Ÿ   Message Scheduling: Send your messages ahead of time or on recurring schedules.
  • Ÿ   RSS Posting: Post to your social networks automatically from an RSS feed.
  • Ÿ   Free Blog Hosting: Create a Sendiblog and drive traffic to your site.

Sendible offers 4 different plans at varying prices ranging from $9.99 per month for individual up to $499.99 for advanced users and agencies which includes unlimited custom report, dedicated support.

I’ve tested with their 30-day trial account. The sign-up process was very easy and simple. I found their dashboard designed like an email inbox user friendly and easy to navigate to manage multiple social media accounts. I’m sure that many marketers would see Sendible a great and powerful tool.


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  1. Thanks for the review, If you or any of your readers would like a training session on how to use our dashboard effectively. Tweet us @sendible

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