A little bird once told me

Little Bird is yet another social media analytics tool for researching a topic and promoting yourself as an influencer in your area of interest. They are still in beta mode but you can sign up for a limited time and get access to the tools. In the world of social media there is massive content being generated every day, this tool gives you the ability to sift through the noise and focus on the most relevant and influential content in your area of interest. It allows you to ask questions and interact with influencers. The tool set includes the ability to create custom reports, for e.g. I created one for product management and it generated a list of the top influencers on this subject. You can then track the influencers and emerging contributors on this subject, follow what they are reading etc.


You can also run comparison reports to compare a person to one of their “experts”


The down side is that its not free, it is a paid subscription (they have both individual and enterprise models).

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