looks like Twitter, but not so much

Micro-blog service and one of the most popular website in China. By the end of 2012, has 500 million registered users and over 100 million posts per day.

The initial of is simply a local copycat of Twitter. It has similar concept, broadcast message within 140 characters; similar features, such as, follow, reply, retweet and “@” and “#”. However, with time passing, the website is evolving to a different direction. This diverse evolution reflects the difference of custom and interest between US and Chinese users.

Today, is much more “rich” in its contents posted. It allows to embed pictures, music and videos in the post, and allows user review the full size picture and play music or video in the webpage. It also supports online chatting between people who follows each other and “like” feature similar to Facebook.

Image has become the hottest social media in China. (Facebook like services have not become as popular) 

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