I have been aware of twitter for quite some time, but never really saw the value in it.  Although I signed up for a twitter account several years ago, I did not actually use the service.  It wasn’t until a couple months ago that I actually saw how Twitter can be useful. 

I realized that different media outlets use twitter to update followers in real time regarding important news events, like traffic conditions, breaking news, etc.  I decided to follow a couple news and government units to see if the information was valuable.  I discovered that, as long as I remembered to check my twitter account, the updates were useful/interesting.  It is my opinion that the value comes from instant updates.  If the information is even a couple minutes old, it is already disseminated on the internet or picked up by other media.  The benefit with Twitter is that it allows for instant updates and thus needs to consistently be kept up to date for it to be useful.


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