Social Media Client Consolidation and Scheduler – HootSuite

Hoot Suite is one product that I have started using recently. HootSuite is a “Trillian” from the Instant messaging space. Mainly it is used as a client(dashboard) to consolidate all your social networking accounts, be it LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Other than just a client consolidator, it is also a analyzer. HootSuite can do custom analytics for your social media needs. All the analytic reports can be shared within the HootSuite community. HootSuite client is available for almost all the platforms be it PC, Android and iOS interfaces. HootSuite can be utilized within the organizations to build separate teams and the teams can be organized at more granular levels. HootSuite can be scaled throughout the organization. There are other features available within the HootSuite dashboard – Organizer and Message schedulers to custom csv up-loaders and RSS feed.


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