Manage Social posts with Yoono

I am not that active in Social media but I have account on Faceboob,Google+,Youtube, Twitter etc.So when I was looking for what social media tool to review I was looking for something which managed my Social interaction on different channels easily without any hassles. Yoono claims to fit that need so I thought of trying Yoono  ,

It supports both Brower(plug-in) and desktop based version. The setup is pretty simple and fast.

Access multiple social networking accounts all in one place with Yoono. This  desktop application provides a dashboard where you can manage, interact with,  and browse a handful of sites and IM platforms including Facebook, Twitter,  Flickr, YouTube, and AIM. If you have multiple social and instant messaging  accounts, Yoono provides a great way to use them all at once. With its organized  user interface, alert system, and ability to turn into a fast browser, this  application is a must-have for anyone who spends a lot of social Web time.

After Install You can different accounts or channels to sign in for to manage your interaction.

From the top, this view tells me which account I’m viewing, gives me an update box, displays a row of icons for Updates, Friends, DM’s, Replies/Mentions, Lists and a Search Button.

If I have unread DM’s or Replies/Mentions a count will appear beside each icon and I can click on the icon to respond.

So I have everything I need to know at a glance.

If you want to reply to a tweet, hover over it and three options appear: Reply, ReTweet and More.

Clicking the reply option brings up this screen:

On the web page in the browser window two options will appear, allowing me to share either the entire page or just portions of it.

Make your choice and the link is automatically shortened and inserted into the tweet.

This compact application can save you some time spent clicking through  windows and tabs.


Yoono keeps track of your social and IM accounts in a  streamlined view, eliminating hassle and clutter for users immersed in the  social stream.


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