Keep Track of What’s Being Said on the Web About Anything Important to You


Like many of us, I use social media everyday in both my personal and professional life.  Working in Software Sales for most of my career, it is imperative that I’m not only aware of what’s being said about my own company, but also about my competitors and related technologies. What’s equally important is the source of this outgoing information. I was recently turned on to Mention which I discovered via an article on LinkedIn, entitled :  7 Essential Social Media Tools to Stand Out Online“

Mention is a tool that allows you receive alerts or “mentions” when your name, your company’s name, or anything you’d like to monitor is mentioned anywhere on the web.  The alerts occur instantly and are displayed in your “Mention” feed.  I have used Mention on both my laptop and mobile device (iPhone5) and I find the app to be user friendly and efficient. I’m currently use the Free addition which gives me 500 mentions per month. The paid subscription for individuals is $19.99 per month and provides 50,000 mentions. There is also a team version for  $99.99 per month that provides unlimited mentions. Both paid subscriptions provide statistics and other analytical information. Mention has been a great tool so far, but I’m not sure if I will be upgrading my subscription to paid as 500 mentions is about all I can handle!


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