How engaging is your video? – YouTube Audience Retention Report

YouTube is one of the top social media tools used by organizations and individuals to engage audience. When you wonder if YouTube could be cooler, it just surprises you! Audience retention report is a data analytics tool offered by YouTube for video content creators. The Audience retention report is an overall measure of your video’s ability to retain its audience. This feature could be a boon for video advertisers and demo creators. With this new feature, YouTube has made an effort to reward engaging videos that viewers keep watching. You can now see what kind of retention you’re getting from your videos and how it compares to everyone else’s.  Want to get to the top of the results?  Study this report in close detail and update your video making strategies accordingly. Page rank has traditionally been Google’s secret sauce to rank websites, but ranking videos is a whole new game. I think audience retention tool is a clever way to optimize and rank videos that generate and hold audience’s interest, while eliminating mind-numbing ones that viewers don’t really care about.

Audience retention report

This video illustrates how YouTube’s audience retention report can be used to evaluate demo videos and how your content can be improved.

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