Cluster is a picture sharing application with a focus around groups and privacy. It does a lot of things differently than Facebook’s built-in picture but the most important is shifting private and personal pic sharing away from traditional SMS methods and into the application realm.


What’s cool and unique about Cluster is sharing and tagging with friends who also have the app is really straight-up – they simply appear in the users app and can be transported from there to other platforms as needed. The biggest win, however, is the location-based pic tagging to determine which friends should be included (tagged) within each pic; automatically populating that user’s app with the pics snapped from a friends phone.


This could be helpful for small teams / workgroups who need to share quick screens of some business planning or project meeting with each other – one person can simply snap and then it’s auto-shared with the rest of the team if they are within a certain location and also have the app.

Check it out, yo.

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