Social Enabled Enterprise – Oracle Connects Social to Enterprise Data

Many social media tools focus on managing content in several social channels. However, nearly all of them stop short of integrating social content with enterprise data.

Social Relationship Suite


Oracle’s Social Relationship Management Suite provides the bridge between a company’s social media channels and its CRM, marketing, sales, support and other data bases. Forming this connection allows social media to be natively integrated into enterprise applications and business processes. For example, social media activity around a brand can be correlated on a real time basis with a company’s TV advertising schedule to observe the impact of its commercials. More importantly, social media activity can be correlated to sales activity to see if a particular campaign is generating revenue or just a lot of buzz.


Customer Engagement

The integration of social channels with enterprise data, especially CRM data, allows an organization to more fully understand its customers and interact with them in new ways. This allows the company to move from a primarily transaction based relationship to an engagement based relationship. Ideally, this engagement will grow continuously and seamlessly from initial interest to prospecting, sales, delivery and customer service.  This broader relationship is much more likely to lead to better understanding of a customer’s needs, better service delivery to the customer and a higher probability of customer retention.


The social media efforts of most companies are concentrated on one or two primary channels and contributions are made one-by-one on a transactional basis because of limited personnel resources.  Second tier channels such as Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest and others are often ignored just because of time limitations. As the marketing importance of social media increases, companies will need the ability to move from one-off execution to centralized management. Companies successfully using Oracle’s Social Relationship Management Suite tools to manage large social projects include PepsiCo and Hyatt Hotels.
Customer Stories – PepsiCo
 The goal of Pepsi’s initial project was to improve digital engagement by making tactical adjustments to campaigns based on real-time consumer listening. Pepsi used real time social data correlated with branded events to measure the value of event sponsorship.  Oracle’s Social Relationship Management Suite tools were able to help precisely define signals from consumer conversations, so that intentions, interests and trends could be detected and acted upon.
Customers Stories – Hyatt Hotels
Hyatt Hotels used Oracle’s Social Relationship Management Suite tools in a project aimed a recruiting future leaders to work for the company.  The endeavor built relationships with a large number of trainees through several social media sites.  Multiple recruiters in the Hyatt system were able to work as a team to develop relationships between the company and a large base of management prospects as they worked their way through training programs. Integration of social media channels with enterprise data made this project possible, despite that fact that the people involved are stationed all over the world.

The Future of Enterprise Social

As social media becomes more important to a company’s operations, the value of its integration with all other aspects of the company’s business will continue to escalate. In its early stages e-commerce was treated as an minor adjunct to a company’s business. Often it was silo’ed from the company’s primary database.  Now, a company typically wouldn’t think of implementing a business transaction process that does not include e-commerce. Likewise social media data integration will follow that same path.  The purchaser of an enterprise CRM system will come to expect social integration as a requirement.

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