Simplified Video Capture with Vine

Taking Video using your mobile phone is really not a new phenomenon. Ever since a video camera was integrated into the first phones, there has been an app that can take video. However, Vine seems to have hit the sweet spot of exploiting people’s curiosity and desire to share, with the emergence of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Vine chose to share video in a very specific way, in a 6-second video loop that can provides virtually the same viewing experience on mobile devices as well as on web browser. This makes it easier on the viewer since they don’t have to download multiple of megabytes (and use up their data plan) just to see their niece dancing to the tune of Thrift Store. Most people would see the 6-second clip and get the gist of the whole video. This is especially true during the Boston Bombing where most people wanted to see just the moments when the bomb explode, or exactly the moment when the bomber was handcuffed. Simple 6-second video clips would do just fine, reduces the complexity where more mobile devices can view the video, and it is integrated with Twitter and Facebook to make social network posting super simple.

With many companies struggling to provide content for the social media channels, there is no better time for Vine app to fill the gap and be the hero for all social media managers.


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