My brand has over 700,000 fans on Facebook. Now what?

Brands all over the world are investing huge amounts of money on social media. In 2013, US marketers will allocate 21% of their marketing budget to social media. This investment is mostly a result of the need to have a presence on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. However most brands are not getting a meaningful return on their investment. The CMO of a mid-sized game accessories company recently said that Facebook and Twitter are glorified RSS feeds. They built a huge audience (700,000 fans) but they are mostly pushing content top down to their fans.

Qoiza aims to eliminate this problem by providing marketers with a mobile social platform where they can build brand loyalty programs. The core idea is to increase word-of-mouth advocacy by providing a channel where the brand fans can interact with each other. Fans are liberated when they have a channel for themselves where they can share their love for the brand, help the community, answer questions and provide feedback. Meaningful peer-to-peer engagement is supported by the brand through valuable perks such as product launch invitations or even beta product giveaways.

A recent example of how Qoiza is helping brands leverage their existing Facebook communities is the Champions Club of SteelSeries ( SteelSeries created a Champions Club where their fans are encouraged to share their SteelSeries stories, recommend products, answer questions, etc. The Club is enabled by using Qoiza mobile application on iPhone and Android.

SteelSeries Champions Club on Facebook

SteelSeries Champions Club on Facebook

The Club has reached over 1,000 members and SteelSeries has created a channel where real peer-to-peer engagement are taking place, amplifying the brand presence through word of mouth advocacy. These are genuine conversations that would not occur otherwise. They include people clarifying doubts, asking for recommendations, and praising SteelSeries products. A great example is shown on this link:


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