I need a Social Media tool to …. make it work for me!

All my classmates picked up their favorite Twitter / Facebook tool from the internet ocean. They have experimented and posted how they love the tool.  I have tried few of their tools and it worked like a charm.  So what?  I could not make my mind for any one tool.

Anyways, in the hunt to find my own tool, I did lot of browsing – which was not a news before I started the TMMBA program or a job at Microsoft.  I went through FaceBook and Twitter with a critic eye.  I checked out FaceBook Widgets and binged online with a query string of how to increase the facebook likes? .  Amazed to see paid services and multiple tricks (Many of them never made any sense anyway).

Overall, I can see a thirst for getting more Likes or Followers online. I had my rational hat on and questioned the value of a like or Follower.  There are different price tags found line for a FB Like – from $3 to $136.

I did a quick math on few pages to arrive at money value of FB likes for few pages, using the lowest value per page predicted @ $3.

Name Likes $$ Value
UWENTRE528 73 $219
Microsoft 2,406,427 $7,219,281
Twitter 9,595,597 $28,786,791
Coca Cola 63,278,766 $189,836,298
Facebook 90,931,325 $272,793,975

What I do not know is whether the companies get the revenue from FB.  While I agree that FB / Twitter are important to keep in touch with customers, I am not able to put a $$ value like branding or something against the likes.

Now coming to the point of the tool, I am looking for – I need a Social Media tool to .... make it work for me!

Look at the above tweet on Feb 20, 2013.  I do not know whether Microsoft used that tweet to its advantage.  Many enterprises are facing the situation where in lot of customer appreciations would be buried under storm of tweets a day.  I need a tool to mark the best reference tweets and keep them on top of Twitter or similarly good comments to the top of FB pages.  This will serve as good testimonial for the company.  I believe that would increase the $$ value of the social media tools.

Is there a tool to do that? Should it be part of the application like Twitter or FB?  I will leave that decision to you.


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