Do you know what they’re saying about you?

By: Ayman Kaheel

In this age, you can’t ignore how you, or your brand, are mentioned online. You need to be in the know of how you are mentioned fast enough in order to respond; responsiveness is no longer optional. To that end, one of the services that I find very useful is Google Alerts. Google Alerts are email updates sent to you when Google finds new results, such as web pages or blog posts, which match specific query terms that you have specified to the service. You can use this service to monitor a developing story, keep current on a product or an industry, or find out what is being said about your company or product.


Unfortunately Google Alerts service fails miserably in monitoring social media, because of the real-time nature of the social media. This has led me to try to find an alternative: “Mention“. Mention allows you to receive alerts real-time whenever your search term is mentioned in social media or in the web.


Mention claims it monitors millions of sources in 42 languages. The sources covers a variety of social networks, news sites, forums, blogs, and search results.  Any time you, your brand, or your company are mentioned in one of these sources, you get alerted on your mobile or PC.  As you can imagine, online sources are full of noise generated by homonyms and parasites. Mention has developed a machine learning system, based on user behavior and on spam removal methods, to recognize these sources and remove them.

One of the cool features of Mention, is “smart actions”, which basically allows users to create a set of actions based on rules, similar to email rules, to react to your mentioned automatically, like retweeting a positive tweet about your product. Pretty cool, huh?

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