Bottlenose – Live Social Intelligence

Bottlenose is a powerful analytics tool for social media marketers, advertisers and publishers.It provides a live update on the trends around topics from your social accounts.

Bottlenose’s SaaS (Software as a Service) offering makes it easy to create an account and setup the monitoring. The website offers a customizable dashboard to manage your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Buffer and Bitly accounts or content from any of your RSS streams.

Bottlenose Accounts

Add your social accounts to bottlenose

I created an account in just one click and added PlasticFreeSeattle’s facebook page and Twitter account to my dashboard. The Bottlenose engine quickly analyzes the accounts and data feed and generates a report around trending topics and people based on the topics of discussion and posts in your accounts.

Bottlenose Dashboard

Bottlenose Dashboard

Bottlenose also provides an at-a-glance dashboard of each of your social accounts, a feature provided by several other social media aggregator tools.

Bottlenose Twitter Activity

At-A-Glance Account Activity

A great visualization of the trending topics is provided by Sonar which updates live to provide the latest action. An awesome feature within Sonar is the visualization of trends capturing positive, negative and neutral sentiments based on the number of posts and topics of discussion.

Bottlenose Sonar

Sonar displays a live view of the trending topics

Bottlenose Pro provides advanced analytics and rich visual data on engagement, sentiment, demographics, psychographics, geography, influencers, topics and links across all forms of social media.

Bottlenose Pro Analytics

Rich Analytics with Bottlenose Pro

Bottlenose’s technology discovers correlations with any time series data set, such as sales results, stock prices, web site traffic and engagement, television ratings, box office sales and online transactions in order to make predictions on future trends and monitor the impact of your marketing initiatives.

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