TapDinGo: The Mobile Travel Concierge with a Social Media sentiment flavour


While not strictly a social media tool, the TapDinGo online service leverages the power of social media sentiment to guide the business traveler with limited personal time to the most -individually relevant- itinerary of top sights, restaurants, and events in an unfamiliar city.

Having enough data about restaurant and POI offerings about any location is no longer a problem – arguably there is nowhere left in the world that does not have a blog, tweet or review or other socially stored experience. The problem in fact has become one of having too much data. The challenge then has become one of spending a great deal of time to pore over many screens of reviews to decide what is relevant for the individual. This requires mentally forming an impression of each event/location by ignoring the chaff, the heavily positive comments that may be owner ‘influenced’, to find other reviewers that may share similar tastes and what their verdict was – before deciding if a particular restaurant or other POI is a potentially good experience. This is a non-trivial exercise. With the explosion of social media channels and quantity, this exercise grows exponentially more difficult and often the decision may just be — to stay at home/in the hotel as it’s too difficult to go out!

TapDinGo’s innovative mobile application helps this underserved market of business travelers by optimizing the limited free time they have during business travel with quick, smart decisions and recommendations based on stated preferences and past behavior. TapDinGo brings this experience to life through a combination of personal preferences, local listings curated for business travelers, and proprietary machine learning technology that selects the best choices for your time; anywhere from an hour to a day. These choices are enhanced via social channel sentiment for local, real-time information that match the users’ profile.

Dr. Ayman Kaheel, TapDinGo’s Chief Scientist, stated, “Business travelers often times find themselves in unfamiliar cities with a block of free time available, but don’t have the desire or patience to sift and sort through hundreds of options. They want something nearby, something that speaks to their preferences and to make a decision quickly. That’s why we designed this unique application and why it’s rapidly gained traction in the market as the industry standard and must-have application.”

Some may note that the potential of TapDinGo is not limited to just the business traveler, however the team behind TapDinGo have a singular focus on creating a quality experience before broadening to other applications.

If you’re interested in more information, check out either tapdingo.com or by contacting the team at info@tapdingo.com.

[David Lam @TapDinGo]



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