Taking Root with SproutSocial

I recently added SproutSocial (www.sproutsocial.com) to the analytic tools that we’re using on the GeekHealth social media effort, tracking both our facebook and Twitter profiles. SproutSocial has a full catalog of account management and media penetration tools, including Inbox services, real-time brand monitoring, publishing services, and metric reporting.

From my view, the content publishing services (including rich mobile tools) are a major value point. Under the SproutSocial interface, you can prepare content and either publish it immediately to any or all of your profiles or schedule the release for a furture time. In the most advanced mode, SproutSocial will help you to release the content at the “sweet spot” of time, based on market analytics gathered on your behalf. Given time to develop patterns, I believe that this service could help to pivot our publishing efforts into a much more widely-read media source.

On the inbound side, SproutSocial provides a mailbox aggregator, consolidating your profiles into a single interface. ImageYou can view / review email and tweets from all of your sites in one pane, helping you to avoid neglecting any of your followers. The mail panel provides message threading as well as easy access to more information about your contacts.

My first glance at the metrics provided a surprising insight. Although I typically imagine our content being targeted at proto-geek males (age 15 – 50, tech / office workers, gamers, etc.), I was surprised to find that our audience thus far is very slightly weighted to the female side. This is despite the predominently male composition of the TMMBA class (our “seed” audience). In additon, we have managed to outgrow our specific region, with a portion of our audience spread around the globe.Image

Overall, I am impressed with the initial data captured by SocialSprout, given the short time that it has had access to our accounts. Configuration of the service was trivial (create an account with SproutSocial, enter the account names and passwords, specify your organization type and time zone).

Now, if I can only figure out how to make it crawl the web and aggregate content…

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with Sprout Social, Greg! We currently integrate with Google Reader to help users aggregate content and keep an eye on web mentions within Sprout. However, looking for a replacement since Google Reader will be shut down soon, but hope to keep the same functionality!

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