Sina Weibo

I’d like to introduce the Chinese version of twitter (+facebook) – Sina Weibo. Weibo (pronounce “Way-Bore”) means “New-wave microblog” in Chinese.  Currently it is the 3rd most popular social media tool in China.  Sina Weibo has over 400 million registered users with about 100 million “Chinese tweets” on daily basis.  Below table shows that the volume of user bases and traffic are very comparable between Twitter and Weibo.  (Statistics number may not 100% accurate.)




Date of Launch March 2006 August 2009
Registered User 500+ million 400+ million
Active User 200+ million 100+ million
Traffic 95 million per day 100 million per day

Just like Twitter, Weibo has the 140-character limit to post, also could post pictures, vedio, music, etc.  Besides all the fun features and functionalities like twitter and facebook provide, weibo is a believed of self-censorship involved.  Years of self-censoring experience have earned Weibo acceptance from the government.  Consider the extremely massive users base and the speed of the message gets spread, weibo is an increasingly important channel to enpower the freedom of expression.  It also becomes the tool for the people to inspect the governments.  For example, after the July 2011 Wenzhou train collision, many dissatisfied posts concerning governmental corruption were posted throughout the Sina Weibo.  Partially due to the public press, eventually the railways minister was sacked and the Deputy Chief Engineer of China’s railways was arrested.

Another thing I like about Weibo is that it is a platform for the people to show the great care to the Sociality.   Millions of Chinese People express the prey, greeting and best wishes towards the Boston Bombing Tragedy.

Here is a good article if you are interested in knowing the business model and revenue stream of weibo compared to twitter.

Sina Weibo

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