Quora – A content helper

Quora, while not directly a social media tool it does help with one important task: Generating content. When you sign-up with Quora they ask you to choose five general categories and then five more sub categories to generate a feed much like twitter. Once you are logged in you will see things that may be of interest or you can search for articles.

How is this different from Google or twitter? Well Quora is based on the idea of people asking and answering questions, so the content has a different feel than what you get in a Google search and because they are not searching the entire web, just their own content you get a broader set of search results, which in turn helps generate more ideas for your own content.

ConserveAqua is struggling with content when in Seattle water seems to be endless.  After searching for conserve water on Quora I quickly saw questions that people are asking about water conservation – these are the questions we should be answering on our blog. Now the answers on Quora are not very thorough or vetted like Wikipedia, but we are using it for ideas not for content.


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