Newsle — Your friends in the news!

As a Boston native, I spent most of the past week glued to Twitter, Facebook, and several traditional news outlets to follow the tragic developments coming out of my hometown. Stepping back, as much as I appreciate the ability to have easy access to breaking news, most times I just want to be able to see the highlights in retrospect with preference given for items that are truly newsworthy.

This experience led me to check out Newsle a social aggregator that looks for news stories about your facebook, twitter or LinkedIn contacts. Now, having a common name like Kevin Sullivan pushes me pretty far down in most search results, but this is where Newsle really shines. In addition to getting your list of contacts, Newle also combs your work experience, educational history, skills, and interests to better identify stories actually about the person.

Here is an example of a news story picked up featuring my skip-level manager:



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