dlvr.it You publish. We deliver.

In their own words, dlvr.it “is a social content optimization platform that pulls content from any of your existing feeds and intelligently formats and delivers it to your social networks.” The service is easy to use, and in less than 5 minutes, I had configured it to deliver links to From Fido With Love’s blog to the associated Facebook and Twitter feeds.

dlvr.it is based on a freemium  model. One distinction in features between the tiers is the frequency with which Dlvr.it checks feeds for updates. With free, you have to wait 30 minutes, but with the top Premium account,it’s only a 5 minute wait.

An interesting feature is the Social Content Analytics. dlvr.it summarizes key metrics across all of your connected social media outlets to provide a current view of performance on your social sites. If you’d rather use other analytics tools, they offer to connect to any analytics system including Google Analytics.


One additional feature of interest is the ability to schedule the delivery of your content through dlvr.it. Through their scheduling feature, you have the option to post only during business hours (i.e. Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm).

Check it out: http://dlvr.it/

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