Brandify – The FICO score for your company’s online reputation

If you’re a startup or a manager tasked with building your company’s online presence you may want to check out Brandify. Created in partnership with Microsoft, Brandify searches the top social networks and directories for your brand and provides a rating for how well you’re showing up online. The service also provides comprehensive recommendations on how to expand your online presence. For example, once you tell Brandify that you’re a local business with local clientele, it will provide a list of local directories like Yelp, Bing Local and Google Places and instructions on how to get set up.

Our TMMBA team’s organization Zebra Jammies started a free trial account and received an initial score of 590 which is in the mid-average zone. We received a list of sites we should be on as well as some excellent tips for increasing our Facebook Likes. Brandify score ZJ

Perhaps if we were building the @Zebra_Jammies brand as part of our day job we’d probably look into Fix This For Me service where Brandify will optimize your presence for a flat fee.

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