Followerwonk analytic is much easier tool  as you only need to enter the user profile name and hit “Do it”.  Analytic report will provide the data from HearingZen twitter account as indicated below.  A company could use the data to set strategy to effectively make advertisement to a focus on  particular location, gender and age at the particular time of day.  The user to user dependency could also be analyzed to generate more sales leads from such data.

However, it is still not clear to me how these general data can be used more intelligently even though analytic tool provide these general info. How does firm creates a strategy or decisions based on these data. To make advantage of these data, more in depth statistical analysis and trends to link relevant data to other series data and somehow link the trends to business relevant information.

  • Geographic location of users


  • Active user hours


  • Social Authority scores of users HearingZen follows: Social Authority is our rating of a user’s influence and engagement on Twitter. It ranges from 1 to 100, where higher scores indicate a person with greater influential activity.
  • Inferred gender of users HearingZen follows
  • Follower counts of users HearingZen follows: We’ve analyzed users HearingZen follows and assembled this chart to show you the number of people who follow those users. This is a useful way to pinpoint those users with the most followers (and therefore clout).
  • Account ages of users HearingZen follows
  • Recencies of tweets of users HearingZen follows: If a person hasn’t tweeted recently, then their account may be dormant. These data are based on the date that Followerwonk last checked the user, so the dates may not be entirely precise, but they should give you a good idea of who is tweeting more recently than others. Protected accounts are excluded from this analysis.
  • Total tweets of users HearingZen follows
    If a user has a low total tweet count, they may not be a “real” user. Perhaps they tried Twitter and gave it up? On the other hand, those with a very large number of tweets might be avoided (they could be spammers, overwrought, or just too verbose!)
  • Retweets as a percent of timelines of users HearingZen follows
    Retweets are an excellent measure of engagement. The more someone retweets, the more he is consuming other peoples tweets. That’s generally a good thing (because it means they are more likely to RT you). Here, we breakdown this audience by the amount that they retweet (as a percentage of their timeline).

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