TweetAdder: Automate your Twitter Account


TweetAdder is a powerful marketing tool that allows its users to use the full potential of Twitter. Most importantly, it automates the repetitive tasks associated with marketing in Twitter. It works similar to followerwonk in targeting a specific segment of people, but it goes beyond that by automating following those people.

TweetAdder has powerful search capabilities. You can search based on the following criteria:

  • Keyword
  • Location
  • Recent keyword used
  • Language spoken
  • Ability to remove profiles with default picture
  • Ability to remove profiles with urls in tweets or biography


TweetAdder can automate the Follow and Un-Follow operations using very flexible parameters that simulate manual work to prevent Tweeter from suspending your Twitter account. You also can see who you follow and who follow you. You can also tell whether you followed users first or if they followed you first. If you followed them first you can also see exactly what keyword search terms were used to find those users. This can help in seeing what targeted keywords convert into followers best.

TweetAdder provide the following automation features:

  • Automated Tweets post thought the day
  • Post Tweets to Facebook and Linkedin
  • Unique Tweet Generator – creates unique tweets automatically
  • RSS Tweets – Tweets any RSS feed wither from your blog updates, or any other source
  • @Reply Tweets – post a random tweet @someone who posts a tweet directed @you
  • URL shortener – Shorten long URLs automatically
  • Post Tweets with random time delay

Although TweetAdder is powerful and reach of many features, it is simple and easy to use. However, I would recommend anyone planning to use this tool to be careful because you can get your Twitter account suspended easily. Before using this tool, refer to Twitter rules and avoid violating them.

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One response to “TweetAdder: Automate your Twitter Account

  1. Very cool article – I’ll seriously have to check out TweetAdder! I link to this post from a similar one I did here: How To Automate Tweets. I mention IFTTT for automation, and it looks like TweetAdder might be a solid choice as well.

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