Storify – Turns Social Media Posts Into a Story


Storify allows you to structure and manage blog posts and tweets related to any event, news occurrence, media matter into a single concise and elegant story. It unshackles publishers from the restrictions of 140 characters and multiple media sources while maintaining the advantages of engagement, speed and flexibility of social media.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 6.29.07 PM

Storify believes that in this day in age everyone can be a reporter. This in no more evident then the manhunt for the Boston bombers. I found faster and more accurate information coming from my tweet stream than traditional media. Traditional media, in their efforts to match the speed of social media, was wildly inaccurate with many angles of the story. Storify can help those media source coalesce feeds and their own reporting into a common and federated content delivery.

As Storify says, “we believe this is a tremendous opportunity to be better informed. The voice of people on the ground, living through events that resonate far and wide, need to be amplified so that we can understand our world. But with this opportunity comes a big challenge: there is so much noise online and no one has the time to sift through it all. Regular people busy with their lives just want the story.”

There mission is ambitious, however given how it works with the events of the past week, it is clearly a sign of how news will be delivered from this day forward.

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