Screenr makes creating and sharing quick demo, tutorial videos easy

I played with Screenr today. Screenr makes creating a screencast and sharing it quickly on social media super easy. Check out the quick demo of how their web based tool works. I was able to create a video walkthrough of Blackboard in about 10 minutes. I will check with TMMBA staff and if they are fine with it I might share it out on TMMBA talk.

You can leverage Screenr to create demo videos for your brands, showcase new features of your product, share training videos. It was easy to use except it requires Java and I had to install Java runtime first on my Windows box. From that point on things worked smoothly.

I wish they had an Enterprise version out. Creating training videos is something do a lot of at work and I would love a tool that combines creation + hosting and sharing of the video. They integrate currently with all major social networks. Wonder if they have considered integrating with Yammer and target Enterprise. Anyways, give it a try, create a video and share it out.



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