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One thing I have learned in my pioneer days of the social media experience is how to manage all of my social media avenues. My next step was to go from diapers to pull-ups and learn how to better share onto all of my accounts and gain traction in the social media arena…but lets not jump right into the benefits of Buffer. Lets talk about how I got there.

I started at Feedly and when trying to sign up for its use, it first made me open up firefox (I apologize I was on IE) and then log on with my google account…..alot of hurdles one has to jump over to be able to use a site. Once I got onto Feedly, I was tinkering around for awhile, and eventually got the hang of it. Feedly is a great way to organize content from all of your favorite sources on the web, and then share that content with your social connections. I then wanted to share a news post on my fb (yea I called it fb….sign I am maturing in my social media virginity) and it directly linked me over to Buffer. Much to my dismay I had to create another account. I then had to input my different accounts so Buffer could connect with each……but then the birth of Christ happened……I was able to go to webpages, read an article, and click on the buffer button in the lower right corner of my page and share it on any medium I wished. Buffer is a must have tool in order generate inertia within social media for personal branding or company exposure. One of the most important items in social media is to share great content at the right times. I can use Buffer to schedule when my content is released in advance, allowing me to go play golf and still share articles and link with my followers.

Here are three of the top things you can do with Buffer:

– Share to your favorite social networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

– Share easily with the Buffer button or from apps like Feedly, IFTTT, and many more.

– Provides analytics to know how many people listed it as a favorite, mention, clicks, and potentials.

It does allow you to upgrade to “Awesome” for a fee of $10/month (little pricey) to allow for unlimited posts, 12 social profiles (currently only allows 3….enough for this guy), and 2 accounts. These tools like Buffer and Hootsuite are going to gain more and more traction as a one stop shop for our various social networks.buffer-logo

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