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Buffer is a perfect tool to manage multiple social network accounts for busy bees like TMMBA students. It helps you schedule and post updates on social media sites. In its free version, you can connect to one Twitter, one Facebook profile/page, one LinkedIn and one App.net account. If you upgrade to the Awesome plan (any Barney Stinson fans here?) which costs $10/month or $102/year, you can connect to 12 social networks at once and can have unlimited posts in your buffer.

Below are some of the features of Buffer that you will find helpful in managing your multiple social media channels.
Apps, Extensions and Extras: Buffer is integrated with lots of apps like feedly, pocket, TweetCaster etc. and has extensions for Safari, Firefox Chrome and Opera. You can use the apps to add updates to your buffer. These updates are then posted to the social network you choose. Installing extensions places a button at the top of your browser that can be used to add the link to the webpage you are browsing to your buffer.
Scheduling: You can schedule your posts at different times of the day and different days of the week for your various social network accounts.
Analytics: Buffer provides detailed analytics about your posts in different social networks. You can track clicks, retweets, mentions, reach and favorites on Twitter and comments, likes, clicks, reach and shares on Facebook.
Link Shortener: You can setup Buffer to shorten the links automatically by choosing one of the three URL shorteners – buff.ly, bit.ly and j.mp.
Collaboration: You can invite your team members to manage your team’s buffer account and offload some work to them.

Buffer also has a blog that gives some useful tips on social media. Their customer service is great. You can check out Buffer here!

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