Automate Your Social Experience

If this, then that (IFTTT, for short) is an amazing tool that actually helps you automate your social tools in a way that will save users from having to perform the same rote tasks over and over. The beauty of IFTTT is that it integrates what’s happening around the internet and synthesizes it with your existing technologies.

The idea is simple, once you’ve authorized IFTTT to connect to your social media outlets, tools, and devices you can create “recipes” that follow “triggers” to automate actions across those mediums. For example, if a friend tags you an Instagram photo (the trigger) you can then make sure that photo is posted automatically to Twitter (recipe source) or sent to your SMS.

IFTTT - instagram2twitter by shahhuseynov

Sample Recipe: If you are tagged in an Instagram photo then post to your Twitter

Before going into too much detail, I would strongly recommend anyone check it out. Different social media tools and devices are available to pull from but each one has certain limitations to what IFTTT is authorized to do on its behalf.

Here are my favorites (note, you may need to be logged in on IFTTT to see them):

Find your favorite recipe here or create your own and share it with your friends!


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  1. I wrote about the same site, have you used it much? how did you find it? i got there when looking into home automation and then saw all the social media stuff. I still can’t write a cool recipe but i’m surprised by what you can actually do with it.

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