Twilert – Know the buzz


Twilert is a simple tool that helps you receive regular email updates of tweets containing your company, product, brand or any search phrase. You can logon either using your google or twitter account.  One can easily set up search phrases and when you like to receive an email containing the tweet results. The tweet phrase results can be further restricted to tweets from certain people or certain location or  also by whether the tweets are positive, negative or merely a question.

The tool enables you to set up highly customized tweet searches like the ones below

giants -New York :  Twitter will search for any tweet with the term “giants” without references to New York, so this would be helpful if you followed the baseball team from San Francisco but not the football team in New York

“boston” -rt –via :If you want to search for anything about ‘boston’ but without the re-tweeted stuff

#spring cleaning near:Seattle : If you want to know whether people have started spring cleaning in Seattle. 

I find this very useful to gauge the level of social engagement. If you are a startup business and want to know  what people are talking regarding  your product or brand or business area then you can easily set up twilerts. Your users  are most likely going to tweet their experience and not post news articles . While google alerts are useful to know what the pundits and writers are saying , twilerts are useful to know what your actual users are saying.


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