Google + Its Awesome!

imagesCAOF8GRUI have long avoided using social media for more than just posting pictures of my son for my brother to see. Facebook to me was the root of all that is evil in the social media world. I always felt like I was being stalked when using it. Friend requests from people I hardly know or people I really don’t want to know again…. sigh what’s a social media newb to do? In steps Google + (or G+ for those who are hip). Finally a social media network that understands me. I like to use G+ (yes I’m hip) to keep track of my hobbies and interests as well as a few of my old friends who also hate the evil that is Facebook. It is add free and really allows me to drill down and find like-minded groups of people. It’s more of an online forum that takes the guise of a social media site than the stalking, add serving, privacy ducking Facebook. So if you want to be “hip” like me… try G+. I know you want to escape the clutches of Facebook!


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