Wix: Quickly Build Your Personal Brand

pickatemplateWix.com is an online site that allows users to build and host beautiful sites. Simply create a free account and immediately you are given a choice from hundreds of free templates to build a web site.


As soon as you pick a template you can edit the design to match your needs without having to learn about website building.  You can easily preview your site and once you have a design you are happy with Wix allows you to publish your site for the whole world to see. You can also hook up your own custom domain name to the site if you don’t like the unfriendly domain names provided by Wix.


Setting up Search Engine Optimization is as simple as entering site title, description and keywords in the site settings. Social media connection is also another setting that you can easily customize in Wix, you can update the way your page will show up on Facebook  create your own Facebook page also using pre-built templates, and provide your Facebook account to add a like button to your site. 


Finally,  if you upgrade to one of the Wix premium editions you will get access to useful statistics about your page usage. Wix breaks down the hard task of creating a beautiful professional  web site to a simple process of picking the right template and providing the content.


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2 responses to “Wix: Quickly Build Your Personal Brand

  1. Nice Post. I didn’t know Wix had this capability. I just tried Flavors.me for personal branding. You can see it set up at http://www.mikekennewick.com. I found this: http://weightshift.com/memo/the-personal-page. There code is on github here:

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